You are:

A helper, a healer, a bringer of love into the lives of others.  It’s more than your profession as teacher, therapist, mom, costume designer, make-up artist, dancer, realtor, project manager, accountant (yeah…I know:  accountants!…there’s now a whole tribe of accountant showgirls…who knew?!).   It’s how you show up in the world.

You’re a woman who makes sure your people are tended to, made to feel well, seen & loved.

I help you have the experience of being the work of art that you already are–whether it’s through dancing on stage, or interacting at work, walking down the street…

Specifically, I empower you to revel in & to reveal your true radiant essence, so you can receive what you’ve been wishing for all along (no matter how twisted the telephone message got between you and yourself).


You’ll find working with me a great fit if…

  • You desire to come home to your body/show up in your body
  • You are aces at seeing the beauty in others & supporting others, and would love to apply that same gift to yourself
  • You’ve felt frozen & absent for some time & are drawn to dance and movement, but it also scares you a lot, too
  • You want to be seen, understood and acknowledged (perhaps even celebrated!) for who you are
  • You’d like your celebration muscle to outpace your worry muscle
  • You’d like to be ready to revise your perfectionist tendencies and love what is now


I am:

A lover of kombucha & blueberries, hugs & hot springs.

Caroline Casey, Andrew Harvey, Angeles Arrien & Ane Axford have my ear when they speak.  

An artist-healer.  And I mean those words in exactly that order.  I find that when I’m not doing my art, I’m no good to anybody at all!  Does it have to be a certain kind of art?  Not necessarily, but I do notice I’m pretty grumpy and unhappy when I’m dancing & performing too little.  

I was led to create this whole Showgirl Awakening practice and world because *I* needed it myself first!  I was the guinea pig. And it’s worked!   And continues to, for me, and for those who I’m lucky enough to work with.


My Philosophy Is Simple:

  1. You are already a work of art (underacknowledged?  perhaps.  underappreciated? yup. — first & foremost by you)
  2. You don’t need any fancy tricks or moves, skills or measurements of any kind to bring the house down (whether on stage, at work, at home, or walking down the street)
  3. The level of joy & pleasure you take in every moment simply by  being alive determines your Presence, Radiance & Power (and you have the ability to turn up your joy dial!  Let me show you how to custom set all your dials ; )  [with a hyperlink to services page here]



I’ve been dancing my whole life, and performing and teaching showgirl & burlesque dance professionally for the last 15 years.  I created an award-winning dance company called Hot Pink Feathers.

I graduated with honors Romance Languages from UCSD & before I travelled the world spreading Showgirl Awakening, I travelled it teaching ESL.  

I’m certified in Advanced Sonya-Sophia-style EFT, a Master Practitioner of Marin-style NLP, a facilitator of Systemic Constellations, an interpreter of Person-Centered Astrology & a leader of InterPlay.  

I’m also a psychometrist (neuropsychological test administrator) with 12 years experience, so I’ve assessed up close what makes humans tick from nearly every angle, from the straight up woo, to most “scientific.”

Do you need to understand what any of these modalities are exactly to enjoy Showgirl Awakening…happily not!

FUN FACT:  at 40 years old, I won the title Queen of Carnaval San Francisco.


Me & this work, in a Poetic Nutshell:

I am a dancer, performing artist, and metaphysician.

But really, I am a visionary love catalyst.

I’m amazing at healing mind-body-spirit splits with the strategic infusion of empathy and inspiration, delivered with full attention & exuberant body ritual.

And I’ve devoted most of my life to embodied radiance.

Work with me and you can expect to come home, to fully inhabit your body and enjoy her wisdom by delighting her.

And you’ll be pleasantly surprised by my loving presence, playfulness, and my x-ray vision into what beliefs are holding you back from reveling in being YOU.

My work matters because it allows you to experience that there is no glass ceiling on your capacity to enjoy and create.

You are perfect. You are loved. And every shimmy you make ripples out to the edge of creation across time and space. (so let’s make sure all our shimmies are intentional!).

What makes you come alive? And what’s stopping you from doing (or being) just that?

I am a living, loving work of art, who delights in helping you remember that you are, too!

I’m so happy you are here, let’s get you radiating your shiny essence! 


This Work:

You will quickly recognize that Showgirl Awakening is much more than a dance class.  Is it coaching? Nope, but you will feel encouraged and motivated.  Is it therapy?  Nope.  But it is therapeutic, and will leave you ultimately feeling better about being alive.  

It’s closest to spiritual direction, but “what’s that?” you most likely just wondered.  Spiritual direction is concerned with developing your relationship with the Divine, as you see it (hint:  which is another way to say:  developing your relationship with yourSelf, sometimes called your Higher Self or Greater Self, but in Showgirl Awakening we cultivate our relationship with ourSelves very much including our life in a body, right here, right now.)



Showgirl Awakening is an innovative practice that unites body, mind & spirit through a combination of awareness, intention, surrender, love and showgirl dance movement. The creator of this practice, Kellita first began her own Showgirl Awakening 18 years ago. Over the last 15 she has been midwifing the Showgirl in anywoman.

Through accessing their Presence & Radiance via Showgirl Awakening, women have won Carnaval awards, been invited to perform internationally, found dream homes, landed jobs, and most importantly dusted off the fountain of Self-Love that was hiding right in the center of their very own shimmy.




Where women who’ve grown accustomed to looking outside themselves for validation and acceptance, learn to stop editing their bodies, voices and spirits.  Rather, they blossom into their fullest selves, reveling in their bodies, revealing their true radiant essence and receiving all that they deeply desire.

I believe the most divine canvas is the female body, mind and spirit.  I believe that when we pay attention to our bodies, we begin to acknowledge our feelings.  When we acknowledge our feelings and experience, and accept them, we begin to shine.  And as we express our natural radiance, our deepest desires and true purpose are revealed.  This shining, radiant expression of our inner truth begins to attract the experiences and communities necessary to co-create our dreams.



I started Hot Pink Feathers to re-ignite the JOY that I remembered from my very earliest experiences.  By the time I did so, these memories were barely whispers, but enough to light a path.

As a girl, I was SO self-possessed.  I knew how to care for myself like I was my own child. I had a direct line to my body wisdom and it never failed me.  As a teen, a traumatic experience literally severed this body wisdom, and left me rootless, lost, and yearning for the feeling of HOME.

I spent years literally traipsing around the globe, thinking that I could find that home somewhere outside of myself.  Remarkably, that HOME was always with me – it was my own body!

I encountered saucy shimmy-filled dance in my late-twenties, and it was like a wake-up call back into my body – back to HOME!  As my radiance expanded, I soon began attracting others to share this excitement –  I created Hot Pink Feathers Dance Company, and began training Showgirls to perform alongside me.



As I reconnected more with my body, I began to show up more and more in my life!  My on-stage experiences  were simply a taste of what was possible at all times.

That’s when I realized the true definition of a Showgirl:

a woman who revels in the splendor of her body,

reveals her true radiant essence,

receives what she desires & thereby shows the way for her sisters

To be the Showgirl I was meant to be required that I express myself fully and uniquely.  I realized I was here to offer Showgirl Awakening.

Every experience in my life had  prepared me to be uniquely qualified  to usher women with injured instincts back HOME, into their bodies, to unleash their  innate joy and divine purpose.

I had been called, through all of those years I spent searching for home, to many varied and diverse educational and experiential opportunities!

I trained to teach, and spent years serving students in Hungary, Brazil, Russia, and the United States as an English as a Second Language Instructor.  I have apprenticeships and certifications in metaphysics, cross-cultural anthropology, and improvisational dance and storytelling.  I’ve even practiced psychometry – brain function assessment, for large medical clinics.  I founded and directed the world’s premier Carnaval Showgirl Dance Company and created  our signature world cabaret dance style.  Most recently, I received advanced certification in Emotional Freedom Technique, aka EFT.

Each one of these unique disciplines has become a part of my personal repertory of tools, techniques, and processes that, together, make up the core of Showgirl Awakening.

I invite you to begin the process of awakening your inner Showgirl right now with a free guide I created for your to start revealing your radiance, pleasure and presence.  Click HERE to receive it.

And if you know you are ready for your own Showgirl Awakening, click HERE to schedule a discovery session with me.

To YOUR Showgirl Awakening!






An autobiograhical article I wrote in 2007 for an online magazine on global dance culture:

Root Magazine is pleased to welcome guest writer and Burlesque dancer, Kellita of Hot Pink Feathers:


This Bump’s For You



I entered burlesque through the back door.  I wasn’t aware I was doing it until I saw my first burlesque show in New Orleans in May, 2001.  That was more than 6 months after going public with my dance company, Hot Pink Feathers.

How did I find myself bumping and grinding, shimmying and shaking before I had a context for it? Here’s how. A mover from the get go, I was satisfied at first with my own movement explorations in the living room and the backyard. Eventually I found myself traveling through the world of ballet (too masochistic) and then modern dance (too serious). My floodgates of enthusiasm were thrown open only when I encountered samba and Brazilian dance. I couldn’t believe a whole culture actually moved so exuberantly and sensually outside of my imagination! I danced in my first Carnaval San Francicso Grand Parade in 1997 and then expressed a desire to parade every weekend. The grand spirit of abandon that Carnaval evokes struck me as my physical mantra. I had now heard my calling.

Hpfunion_sq When it came time to start Hot Pink Feathers, I was aware that preservation of culture was not its mission. Rather, my interest was honing in on the wild joy that samba catalyzed in me and following where that led. This allowed me to create numbers from that font of joy to share with the dancers I gathered, and ultimately our audiences. There is a tangible vicarious thrill that an audience member experiences when a performer is channeling their full charge, in every cell. And it cycles right back to the performer, too. I hadn’t encountered such a life-giving exchange in any other medium. This, too, is what I found in New Orleans that May.

A fateful little flyer beckoned me to travel to New Orleans to immerse in what would become my primary community in the next years. I found the same spark I knew from Carnaval in the glamourous, fearless, and oh, so witty burlesque artists performing there. Their use of humor and painfully great timing had us all captivated. As the artists teased us with their routines and their saucy removal of select items of their sparkly costumes (often leaving much to the imagination), both performer and witness became amplified. We were all called to be more. More of ourselves. We were
invited to integrate.  Not intellectually, not by some grand design of a committee, but by the bold
movements and revelations of a dancing woman (and sometimes a man!). As the clothes came off, not only more skin was bared, but concurrently, more spirit. This was truly hot.

I learned from that first shot of burlesque, that Hot Pink Feathers performed at the crossroads ofKerridance1carn07 carnaval and cabaret, and began to refer to us as a samba burlesque troupe. Our numbers were dance heavy, often peppered with striptease. Since then, we have branched out to include music from around the world, and no longer limit ourselves to our signature retro Brazilian music. We now count narrative rich numbers in our repertoire, including a bawdy Bollywood routine, and have acts set to latin gypsy horns, New Orleans jazz, French can can, and an ever expanding list of world music. In fact, we have now coined the term World Cabaret to express our new fusions. Our aesthetic is ethnic dance through a showgirl lense. In the words of Theatre Bay Area magazine, “Leaders on the scantily clad front, the Hot Pink Feathers are a samba-based troupe who shake it to anything from bossa nova to Klezmer music.”

The most salient link between our two primary forms of influence, samba and burlesque, is not the obvious aesthetic of shiny sequins, beads, feathers, glitter and ruffles. Nor is it the emphasis on hip gyrations and shimmy-shakes. It’s the common thread of a no-holds-barred embracing of life, as focused through physical performance. It’s the generous gift of a bump, and a wink and a smile, that is just as much for the performer as it for the audience.


See you at the show!


Head Feather


Photo credits top to bottom: Don SpiroBilly HustaceDave Golden