Burlesque Church

Showgirl Awakening presents…..(drum roll)…




This has been a long time comin’….

What exactly to expect, you might ask?

There will be dance.

There will be song.

There will be a spoken/danced/sung message.

There will be acknowledgments.

There will be naming desires.

There will be holding up those in need of support (both present & not)

It will be both Magical *&* Mystical { in an embodied, practical way }

Come to celebrate.

Come to mourn.

Come to receive & give support.

Come to be seen.

Come to be known.

Come to be Love.

Come to *be*

Come in comfortable clothing you can move in & bare feet.

Come with your wonder and your curiosity.



My experience producing showgirl & burlesque education & shows over the past 15+ years has provided me with many of the aspects that were missing in my experience of church as a child. Especially since I’ve distilled the elements that most enriching and transformative and gathered them into a body of work I call Showgirl Awakening.



Exuberant Showgirl Shaman & Carnaval Queen Kellita has taught and performed her signature Hot Pink Feathers carnaval showgirl dance from San Francisco to New Orleans, Hollywood to Montreal, & Paris to Tokyo. She’s performed in all Tease-O-Ramas since 2002 as a soloist and with her award-winning troupe Hot Pink Feathers & is a 5-time finalist at the Burlesque Hall of Fame.

In 2000, Kellita founded Hot Pink Feathers named “Best Dance Troupe” by the San Francisco Bay Guardian, First Place in Original World Dance by Carnaval San Francisco, and “Best Dance Classes” by 7 x 7 Magazine. After 10 years of training carnaval showgirls for the stage, she became aware that the portal of wisdom and embodied divine inspiration that can be accessed on stage is a well that wants to be drunk from during all the many minutes that one is not performing. Thus, Showgirl Awakening practice was born.

Kellita integrates her experience as a certified practitioner of Sonya Sophia-style EFT, Marin-style NLP, Systemic Constellations, Person-Centered Astrology & InterPlay, in all her work. An expert on expressing your truth and beauty through your body, Kellita has devoted her life to helping women rewire their bodies and minds to run at a delicious hum through her innovative dance & life practice called Showgirl Awakening.

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