21 years ago…

I moved to San Francisco 21 years ago last week. I had just narrowly escaped a theatrical cult, arrived with 2 suitcases, no money & no job. I spent the first few nights at Cameron House, a social services center in Chinatown.  I just showed up on their doorstep. Here I am 21 years later…with […]

Scared to Sacred

It took me 10 years to become aware of how deep and life-encompassing the transformations were that arose out of training to become a Carnaval Showgirl.  I knew what we were up to was far more than “fun,”  “a workout,” and “a sense of accomplishment” (while all those are fine in their own right).  But […]

Sacred Water, Sacred Self

I’ve been participating in the Carnaval SF Parade for 20 years! A couple years ago the theme really moved me.  It was Agua Sagrada.  Sacred Water.   Our bodies are 70+% water. Sacred Water.  Sacred Bodies.  Sacred Us.   My first thought when I read Sacred Water was of the work of Dr. Masaru Emoto, […]

Self-Acceptance Ah-Ha

To Your Radiance & Presence~~~ Kellita

Holler at me to encourage my Feminine Yum to emerge? I don’t think so…

I invite you to experience some true feminine nurturing & some FUN framing yourself with awesome pink feathered fans (as I play with in the above video). Join me to access & showcase YOUR Feminine Yum through performance workshop Showgirl Awakening: On Stage. To Your Radiance! Kellita