21 years ago…

I moved to San Francisco 21 years ago last week. I had just narrowly escaped a theatrical cult, arrived with 2 suitcases, no money & no job. I spent the first few nights at Cameron House, a social services center in Chinatown.  I just showed up on their doorstep. Here I am 21 years later…with […]

How soup and a haircut help you get what you truly desire

Soup and a haircut?  What do they even have in common… As an Awakening Showgirl, it’s all about your SENSES. See in this vlog below the reminders that I’m getting to be Sensually Awake.   To becoming Sensually Awake & receiving what you truly desire! Kellita

Scared to Sacred

It took me 10 years to become aware of how deep and life-encompassing the transformations were that arose out of training to become a Carnaval Showgirl.  I knew what we were up to was far more than “fun,”  “a workout,” and “a sense of accomplishment” (while all those are fine in their own right).  But […]

Sacred Water, Sacred Self

I’ve been participating in the Carnaval SF Parade for 20 years! A couple years ago the theme really moved me.  It was Agua Sagrada.  Sacred Water.   Our bodies are 70+% water. Sacred Water.  Sacred Bodies.  Sacred Us.   My first thought when I read Sacred Water was of the work of Dr. Masaru Emoto, […]

Toenail Surprise! (aka Old Toenails & New Life)

Beloved Awakening Showgirl! May you always find new toenails already growing under the ones that fall off! And the courage to help pull off the ones whose time has come… If New Life for you now takes the shape of being reborn through a Showgirl Awakening live dance experience, there is one scholarship remaining, which can […]

The bigger the Fear, the bigger the Payoff

If you find yourself both called to a Showgirl Awakening experience *AND* gripped with fear at the prospect at the very same time, click HERE to hear the experience of 2 Awakening Showgirls and how they navigate their fear in the process. And as promised in the video above, I am available to speak with […]

Always, always look for the lightswitch

Do let me know in the comments below where in your life you believe (or believed in the past) that your only choice was to live in the dark. To You, living in the Light, Kellita

Self-Acceptance Ah-Ha

To Your Radiance & Presence~~~ Kellita

Dental Floss & The Dance of the Feminine & the Masculine

To Clean Teeth & Dancing Hearts! Kellita

Why was I singing on minimum breath?

  Do share below:  What do you take great pleasure and delight in? And are you allowing yourself to partake fully in what you truly enjoy???   To Your Full Pleasure & Delight! Kellita