Sacred Water, Sacred Self

I’ve been participating in the Carnaval SF Parade for 20 years!

A couple years ago the theme really moved me.  It was Agua Sagrada.  Sacred Water.


Our bodies are 70+% water.

Sacred Water.  Sacred Bodies.  Sacred Us.


My first thought when I read Sacred Water was of the work of Dr. Masaru Emoto, who dedicated much of his life and career to researching the link between Intention and Water.

He experimented with labeling jars of water with words such as Love and Gratitude and Fear and Hate.  He discovered that the water in the Love jar actually changed on a cellular level, to create beautiful crystalline shapes, while the water in the Hate jar transformed into visibly pained crystalline formations.

The same thing happened when the word Love was spoken to the jar of water and Hate was spoken to the other jar of water.

I reflected a lot on the work of Dr. Emoto when I was becoming certified as an Emotional Freedom Technique practitioner.  I learned that the same thing that happens to a jar of water when it receives the Intention of Love, Gratitude, Joy, Radiance, Presence~~name your favorite Resource~~happens to humans!  We reprogram our very cells with our Intentions.  One of my favorite part of Carnaval Showgirl Awakening is having a large group of women to hold Intentions with.

We dedicate our dance practice, performance & our whole Showgirl Awakening journey to embodying the custom Intentions that each of us name at the top of our preparations together.

Our whole Carnaval Showgirl Awakening preparation is a focused administering of Love & Acceptance & Appreciation for our very bodies and selves.

Every dance movement, every word and Intention shared between Showgirls dismantles old constricting beliefs about what’s possible for us.

As we move our bodies with the Showgirl movements, we are literally resetting the outdated memories held in our water.  We update to the truth of the Radiant Showgirls who we are now:  Awake, Alive, Beautiful, Confident, Present.

As we take our place in the parade formation and embody our Radiant selves together, we practice shining our lights publicly, in preparation for the whole of our lives.

Just as Intention creates cellular change in water – given that we are 70% water – our intentions change our very bodies! That’s why Carnaval Showgirl Awakening is not like anything else happening at the Carnaval SF Parade.

You can find out all the details of the Carnaval Showgirl Awakening Experience HERE.  If you have questions or wonder if it’s right for you, you can also email me here, and I would love to speak with you.

I’m committed to creating another truly transformational experience for Carnaval SF 2017, and I invite you to experience it with me.

To Your Sacred Self, Dancing in Glory!