What if you celebrated your birthday every Wednesday?

I’d love to know in the comments below how you would choose to celebrate YOU if you were celebrating your birthday this coming Wednesday. Extra points for doing it!

From my Showgirl Heart to Yours,




  1. Ouwh Kellita!
    What a woooonderfull idea. From time to time I get upset with myself, because I catch myself how my everyday-life is taking advantage of me and not the other way around. Also – I wish more of me pampering and worshipping and spoiling my own wonderfull body for making me able to do the work I do.
    So your suggestion with the weekly birthday just fits so perfect. Thank you so so much Kellita!
    What I wanna do on my birthday is – to pamper my body from head to toe with nice and healthy beauty-products. I would like to eat ripe fruits and good tea and salmon for breakfast. I would like to wear something that makes me feel sensual and as unique af I am. I would like to wear red lipstick and meat with some nice friends for tea in a specially nice teashop. And I would like my kids and my husband to join us and in the evening I would like to spend some time the whole family with our babycat and then watch a wonderfull movie, while drinking some sparkling wine.

  2. kellita says:

    Yummy, Koko! As I read through the gorgeous birthday rituals you describe, I found myself embodying them, too!

    I find myself wanting to ask you what kind of nice and healthy beauty products you’ll use in your body pampering and which ripe fruits you’ll eat with breakfast…

    Happy Birthday, Koko Beauty!

  3. Ivana B Alona says:

    A perfect idea! A sabbath for the Self. Too often I get caught up in the Busy-ness of life and end up forgetting or ignoring my own desires. I couldn’t actually believe it when I first didn’t know what I wanted to eat …really what I hankered for! Setting a day aside as specially for me and “planning” or at least anticipating it is so valuable to get back in touch.
    Thank you for this brilliant idea Kellita!